Seamaty helps stray animals-public welfare!

release time:2021-08-08 11:30:17

On June 4, with the attention and help of many fans, the "Seamaty-Stray Dogs Don't Go Hungry" public welfare campaign came to a successful conclusion.

Seamaty successfully raised 100,000 grams of pet food from the online campaign launched on May 14.

In order to feed more stray animals, Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co., Ltd. decided to finally donate 160,000 grams of pet food.

Pet food

On the morning of June 4, Seamaty delivered all the donated materials to Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescue Center.

It is worth mentioning that the donated dog food was communicated with Auntie Chen, the person in charge of the Love Home Animal Rescue Center, in the early stage of preparation for the event. For the sake of the pets' gastrointestinal adaptability, Seamaty purposely purchased the pet food that the pets usually eat.

Delivery of donated materials

This summer, the pets in Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescue Center were warmed up by the love of everyone.

Pet dog

 The Dog who like to shake hands

Caring for the health of life and benefiting the global public is the original mission that Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co. In the future, Seamaty will also continue to provide comprehensive care for stray animals in all aspects, including food, medical care and human resources.

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