COVID‑19 Diagnostic Test

Pluslife Mini Dock

The Pluslife Mini Dock is a rapid molecular diagnostic system for detection of infectious diseases including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Our self-developed isothermal amplification technique (RHAM) provides accurate results that is comparable to one of the highest sensitivity lab PCR tests. Easy to use and small in size allow you to perform testing from your home in 35 minutes.

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Insert swab tip fully inside each nostril to collect specimen


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Stir swab around the sample vial about 15 times


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Close the cap, drive the sample into reaction chamber


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Insert the card into the device and run the test


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Read results in 35 minutes (positive in 10 minutes)


Product Feature


Based on RHAM (self-developed isothermal amplification technique), it provides a level of accuracy comparable to gold standard qPCR (Quantitative real-time PCR) tests.


Pluslife Mini Dock is reusable and could perform tests not only for COVID-19, but infectious diseases such as STDs and more.


Detect positive results in as soon as 10 minutes and confirm negative results in 35 minutes.


Require no special operating skills and anyone could run the test at home in 5 simple steps.


Designed for both professional use in point-of-care test and use all necessary scenarios.


Controllable Low Price System designed for all application scenarios.

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Isothermal Amplification Technique

The device is based on isothermal amplification method and enzyme digestion probe technology, and selected SARS-CoV-2 N gene as the target region, designed the probe and specific primers. A large number of target sequence’s copies were generated in the reaction system during the isothermal amplification. When the probe hybridizes to the complementary sequence, it is cleaved and fluorescence is emitted. The device detects and analyzes fluorescence signal and automatically report result.

Read Results

The device automatically detects and analyzes fluorescence signal, reporting results with indicator lights. The assay includes internal control for monitoring of sample collection, processing, and amplification to reduce false negative results.

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