SMT-120 Biochemistry Analyzer

Seamaty SMT-120 biochemistry analyzer is a fully automated clinical chemistry system designed for the on-site testing, offering cost-effective solution for small and medium laboratory settings. Small size and easy operation, this chemistry analyzer allows healthcare practitioners to perform routine clinical chemistry tests with accurate results in 12 minutes. It uses patented single-use reagent discs which contain up to 18 chemistry tests.

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Step 1

Add sample

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Step 2

Insert panel

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Step 3

Read result

Product Feature

Small sample required

Only 100ul sample needed for a test, comparing to traditional chemistry analyzer, the sample volume is only 1/10.

Easy to use

No pre-processing for sample. It is extremely easy of use which does not require dedicated staff and allows anyone could operate it.


Adopt the photoelectric colorimetric principle with built-in real-time quality control system to ensure the accuracy of analysis.

Quick result

It is real-time test and you could read the test report in 12 minutes, which greatly shortens the waiting time for patients.

Automated and smart

It is fully automated with features of online fault diagnosis, upgrading, to help you know the operation of the instrument in real time.

Compact and portable

The analyzer is small and lightweight which will save your laboratory space and allow on-site patient testing.

Minimal maintenance

There are no easy-wearing parts such as liquid circuit, pump valve, etc., and the single reagent tray is used as a complete set, which is free of cleaning and maintenance.

Easy data management

Memory capacity up to 500,000 patient records, through RS-232 port, it can be connected to the LIS laboratory information system to facilitate customer data management.

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  • Sample Type

    Anti-coagulation whole blood, serum, plasma

  • Sample Volume


  • Bar Code

    QR Code

  • Testing Time

    12 minutes/sample

  • Testing Principle

    Absorption spectroscopy, transmission turbidimetry

  • Testing Method

    Endpoint, kinetic, fixed time, turbidimetry, etc

  • Temperature


  • Resolution

    0.001 Abs

  • Cross Contamination


  • QC & Calibrate

    Intelligent QC

  • Working Condition

    Temperature:10-30℃ Humidity: 30%-70%

  • Light Source

    12V/20W, halogen tungsten lamp with lifespanover 2500 hours

  • Power Supply

    Input: AC 220V, 50Hz

  • Power Rating


  • Optical System

    After the filter spectral, 8 wavelength synchronous detection: 340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 600, 630, 850nm

  • Display

    Android 6.5 inch 800*480, multi-point capacitive touch screen

  • Storage

    500,000 results

  • Printer

    Built-in thermal printer

  • Connectors

    2 USB ports

  • Net Weight

    4.2 Kg

  • Dimension (L*W*H)


Chemistry Reagent Disc

The reagent discs contain lyophilized reagent beads and diluent, individual channel, less cross contamination. Multi-combination of testing parameters, more choices.

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