Compact, Portable, and Powerful: Exploring the Versatility of the Seamaty SMT-120 Auto Biochemistry Analyzer


Discover the versatile Seamaty SMT-120 Auto Biochemistry Analyzer. Compact and portable, it revolutionizes medical diagnostics with integrated functionalities, user-friendly operation, and accurate results. Eliminating the need for specialized personnel, it saves on labor costs. Explore the power of compact diagnostics with the SMT-120.

Blood Gas Analysis: Understanding the Basics


Discover the importance of blood gas analysis in critical care. Learn how it works, its benefits, and the difference between wet and dry analyzers. Essential for healthcare professionals.

Seamaty POCT Biochemistry Analyzers: A Comprehensive Introduction for 2024


Seamaty offers top-performing POCT biochemistry analyzers (SD1, SMT-120, SD3) for rapid, accurate diagnoses at the point of care. These user-friendly analyzers deliver a broad test menu (liver, kidney, glycemic, lipids, more) with minimal sample volume and require less maintenance. Learn more about efficient & portable Seamaty POCT analyzers!

Microfluidic Marvel: The Seamaty SD1 Dry Chemistry Analyzer's Test Tray Workflow


Unveiling the magic behind the Seamaty SD1's speedy diagnoses! Explore the innovative test tray workflow, from sample loading to colorimetric analysis. Discover how microfluidics and centrifugation deliver accurate results in just 12 minutes.

Why Seamaty's Automated Hematology Analyzers are the Best Choice for Your Medical Practice


Discover why Seamaty's automated hematology analyzers are the best choice for your medical practice. Read about their efficiency, compatibility, user-friendliness, and low cost of operation, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions about automated hematology analyzers.

The Future of Vet Blood Chemistry Analyzer is Here: The Seamaty Qt3's Innovative Dual-Rotor System


Discover the Seamaty Qt3 veterinary blood chemistry analyzer, featuring an innovative dual-rotor system. Learn how this game-changing technology enhances diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, and patient care with minimal sample volume and user-friendly operation. Ideal for veterinary practices of all sizes.