Why is Blood Gas Analysis Needed?


The biggest advantage of the wet blood gas analyzer is that it can process samples in bulk. The cost of testing is lower. However, the disadvantage is that the machine is large and not easy to move. In addition,

Principle and Structure of Blood Gas Analyzer-Seamaty Medical Equipment Supplier


Blood gas analyzer is an instrument that uses electrodes to measure acidity and alkalinity (pH), partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PCO2) and partial pressure of oxygen (P02) and other related indicators in arteries in a relatively short period of time.

Summary of Test Sample Collection Tips - Laboratory Diagnostics


1. General biochemical tests are performed by collecting venous blood in the morning on an empty stomach. Fast for 8-12 hours prior to blood collection. 2. For items requiring non-anticoagulant blood, take the prescribed amount of blood into a clean, dry tube. Allow the blood to clot at room temperature and then separate the serum.

Seamaty Dry Chemistry Analyzer Reagent Test Tray Workflow


The kits for use with the Seamaty SD1 dry chemistry analyzer are packaged separately. The kit comes with its own diluent, no need to add it manually. The kits are lyophilized reagents, refrigerated at 2~8°C, and are valid for up to 1 year.

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Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer means that some of the operations (such as sample addition, holding, colorimetric inhalation, result recording, etc.) are done manually during the analysis process. The other part of the operation can be done automatically by the instrument.

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Why do I need a blood biochemistry test? What is the purpose of biochemistry blood test? What is biochemistry test list? This article will give you the answer.