SD3 Fully Automated Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Based on microfluidics technology, Seamaty SD3 chemistry analyzer could provide an accurate test result with whole blood, serum, plasma in simple 4-steps operation. The system uses a new patented single-use reagent discs (fan-shaped reagent panels) offering a complete testing flexibility with the most cost-effective way.

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Step 1

Add sample

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Step 2

Place panel

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Step 3

Insert carrier

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Step 4

Read result

Product Feature

Fan-shaped reagent panels

Panel with built-in diluent for whole blood sample, report in 12 minutes; Panel without diluent for serum or plasma, report in 9 minutes; Up to 3 panels per run.

Low sample consumption

Sample volume 60-100ul per panel.

Accurate result

Microfluidic technology with absorption photometry method guarantees; more accurate results than traditional dry chemistry; Independent cuvettes stop each assay from cross contamination.

Flexible combinations

Regular biochemistry, coagulation, electrolyte, lipid, cardiac, HbA1c as well as CRP; Multiple combinations are available.

Easy to use

No pre-processing for sample. It is extremely easy of use which does not require dedicated staff and allows anyone could operate it.

Quick result

It is real-time test and you could read the test report in 9-12 minutes, which greatly shortens the waiting time for patients.

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  • Sample Type

    Lithium Heparin Anticoagulant whole blood, serum and plasma

  • Sample Volume


  • Bar Code

    Two dimensional QR Code

  • Testing Time

    9-12 minutes / 3 samples

  • Testing Principle

    Absorption spectroscopy, transmission turbidimetry

  • Testing Method

    Endpoint, kinetic, two-point, etc

  • Temperature


  • Resolution

    0.001 Abs

  • Cross Infection


  • QC & Calibrate

    Automatic and real-time

  • Working Condition

    Temperature:10-30℃ Humidity: 30%-70%

  • Light Source

    12V/20W, halogen tungsten lamp with lifespan over 2500 hours

  • Power Supply

    AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz

  • Power Rating


  • Display

    Android 7.0 inch 800*480, multi-point capacitive touch screen

  • Storage

    500,000 results

  • Printer

    Built-in thermal printer

  • Connectors

    4 USB ports, 1 LAN port

  • Net Weight


Chemistry Reagent Disc

The reagent disc has a shelf life of 12 months(2-8C storage). The diluent is contained in the disc. The QR code includes the basic information of the disc.

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