SE1 Electrolyte Analyzer | POC Portable ISE Analyzer

The Seamaty SE1 handheld electrolyte analyzer is specifically designed to enhance patient care across various healthcare settings. Its compact size and user-friendly interface make it ideal for use at the hospital bedside, physician's office lab, urgent care clinics, and even retail clinics. The portability and convenience of the device allow healthcare professionals to conduct electrolyte analysis wherever and whenever needed, eliminating the need for sample transportation and reducing turnaround times.

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Step 1

Add sample

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Step 2

Insert cartridge

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Step 3

Read result

Product Feature

Handheld portability

Lightweight with build-in battery allowing diagnose at the point of care, patient side, out in the field or exam room.

Fast results

Get accurate results in 4 minutes at the patient’s side to enable rapid decision-making, and optimize patient-care.

Easy to use

Testing can be performed in 3 simple steps at the patient’s side with only 2 or 3 drops of whole blood. Touch screen with user friendly interface helps the operator through the testing process easily.

Multi-parameter card

Single-use test card offer a broad menu of tests on a single, portable platform. Each test card has a unique combination of biosensors to suit a wide range of clinical needs.

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  • Principle

    Ion select electrode (ISE)

  • Sample Type

    Capillary blood, whole blood, serum, plasma and aqueous solutio

  • Parameter

    K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++, pH

  • Sample Volume


  • Operating Temperature

    5 – 32 °C / Relative humidity≤85%

  • Calibrate

    Internal calibration

  • Working Condition

    Temperature:10-30℃ Humidity: 30%-70%

  • Display

    4.3 IPS touch screen

  • Interface

    Type-c, USB

  • Battery


  • Printer

    Built-in thermal printer

  • Weight


  • Storage

    Up to 500,000 test results

  • Connection

    WIFI, bi-direction LIS(HI7)

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