Vet Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Detection System| VQ1

Seamaty VQ1 Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Detection System integrated with real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR technology and patented microfluidic cartridge technology, delivers fast and accurate test results in several simple steps. The closed test cartridge contains freeze-dried reagents to eliminate the complicated liquid mix-and-match and transfers during the detection process, reducing the risk of contamination. 

VQ1 is equipped with an independent heating and cooling module that achieves an extremely fast temperature change of 8°C per second, which shortens the entire qPCR reaction time. VQ1 provides an effective solution for disease surveillance in clinical diagnostic laboratories, the veterinary field, and the breeding industry.

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Step 1

Prepare sample

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Step 2

Add sample

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Step 3

Insert cartridge

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Step 4

Read result

Product Feature

Easy to use

Requires no special operating skills with only a few simple steps to obtain a diagnostic result.

Fast detection

Quick turn-around time to get accurate test result in 40 minutes.

Small size

Compact design saves laboratory space and allows for easy transportation anywhere.

Cost-effective and versatile

Freeze-drying reagents can be stored and transported at normal temperature. Wide range of available test menu expands in-house laboratory testing capabilities.

Closed cartridge solution

Integrated the fully automated process of sample extraction, purification, system construction and amplification in one small closed cartridge to reduce the risk of contamination and operator error.

Accurate result

-Utilizes real-time fluorescent PCR with magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction technology providing a sensitivity up to 10 copies per reaction. -Built-in quality control system performs continuous quality control checks on every run.

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  • Sample Type

    Nasopharyngeal swab, eye swab, oral swab, anal swab, pleural effusion etc.

  • Fluorescent Channel

    4 (FAM/HEX/ROX/CY5)

  • Heating/Cooling Rate


  • Testing Principle

    Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR

  • Accuracy of Temperature Control


  • Testing Time


  • Storage

    500,000 results

  • Cross Contamination


  • QC & Calibrate

    Built-in intelligent quality control

  • Precision


  • Connectors

    4 USB ports, 1 RJ45 network port

  • Printer

    Built-in thermal printer

  • Barcode

    QR code

  • Voltage

    AC220V+-22V 50Hz+-1Hz

  • Reated Power


  • Weight

    8 Kg

  • Dimension (L*W*H)


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