Veterinary Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer | Vi1

This fluorescent immunoassay system of Seamaty Vi1 Veterinary Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer adopts our self-developed rare-earth nanocrystals based fluoro-immunoassay chromatography. Rare-earth nanocrystal has an excellent characteristic in stability and anti-interference with features of eco-friendly and non-toxic. High sensitivity and specificity, this system provides an accurate, reliable and fast test results in veterinary diagnosis.

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Product Feature

Flexible and Economic

1. Single-disposable test card, no cross-contamination and waste. 2. The sample volume should not exceed 0.1ml.

Easy to Use

1. The full automated system without any special requirements for operators. 2. Testing can be performed in several simple steps.

Excellent Reagent Performance

1. Stored at 2-40C with a shelf life of 24 months. 2. Not afraid of freezing and high temperature (-30-50'C), easy to transport and store.

Accurate Result

1. Rare earth nanocrystal biological probes are stable, accurate and highly sensitive. 2. Automatic calibration to ensure analyzer measurement accuracy.

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  • Sample Type

    Whole blood, serum, plasma, secretion etc.

  • Sample Volume

    2.5 - 100μL

  • Methodology

    Fluorescence immunochromatographic assay

  • Testing Time

    4-10 minutes

  • QC & Calibration

    Real-time full-auto finish

  • Display

    7 inch 800*480px

  • Storage

    MAX 500,000

  • Rated Power


  • DC connector

    DC 5.5

  • Power Supply

    12V 3A

  • Connectors

    4 USB ports; 1 LAN port

  • Dimension


  • Net Weight


  • Printer

    Built-in thermal printer

  • Operating Environment

    Operating temperature: 5-32℃;
    Keep away from strong electromagnetic interference sources;

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