Fully aubomabic biochemistry analyzer and semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer

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Biochemistry analyzers have been a common medical device in biochemistry lab instruments. According to the size of the microcomputer processing function used in biochemistry analyzer, biochemistry analyzer can be divided into fully aubomabic biochemistry analyzer and semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer.

1. Fully aubomabic biochemistry analyzer

The Fully aubomabic biochemistry analyzer is programmed to do everything automatically from sample addition to result printing. Since there is no manual operation step in the analysis process. Therefore, the operator's subjective error is small. Moreover, Fully aubomabic biochemistry analyzer is usually equipped with an automatic alarm device and automatic correction of the operating status. Therefore, the system error is also less.

Fully aubomabic biochemistry analyzer brings great convenience to the user. It has the function of random combination and priority processing (emergency samples). This greatly improves the efficiency of biochemical instruments.

2. Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzers require manual operation for some operations during the analysis. Such as sample processing, reagent addition, holding, aspiration colorimetric, results recording and other steps). While other parts of the operation can be done automatically.

For example, in the case of flow colorimeter, the color aspiration and result reporting are automatic. The steps before this need to be done manually and are semi auto analyser.

The advantages of the semi auto analyser are its small size, simplicity and flexibility. Each part of the biochemical instrument can be used separately or in combination with other instruments). And semi-automatic biochemical analyzer is cheaper.

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