2 Week's Work in 1 day: How Seamaty Helps Vietnam Animal Hospital Improve Efficiency

release time:2023-04-20 10:19:34

In the past five years, pet attention in Southeast Asia has continued to increase, with market growth rates surpassing those of mature regions like the United States. As the population structure changes, living standards improve, and the status of pets in people's lives gradually increases, people are choosing to keep pets as companions in Vietnam.

The strong demand has led to fierce competition among various animal hospitals in the market, prompting some leading companies to consider enhancing their influence, expanding their customer base, and strengthening the importance of animal diagnosis and treatment efficiency and quality.

With years of love for animals and experience in the animal medical industry, Dr. Trieu Trung Thanh, the chief veterinarian of 2VET Animal Hospital in Vietnam, has a deep understanding of market consumption and industry pain points. By implementing intelligent strategies and adopting new solutions to improve brand value, 2VET has ultimately become the industry leader in Vietnam.

2VET Vietnam dean with Seamaty 120VP

Want to know his secret to success? Keep reading!

Six years ago, Thanh graduated from Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Coming from a rural background, he has always been fond of cats and dogs, and years of companionship with animals became the main reason he chose to become a veterinarian later in life.

To meet the personalized needs of pet owners, 2VET Animal Hospital not only provides basic animal diagnostic and treatment services and pet grooming but also includes pet hotels and pet product sales. Faced with a surge in patient volume, the most critical issue for 2VET was to improve the efficiency of animal diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, they purchased Seamaty's SMT-120VP veterinary biochemical analyzer.

Vietnam Animal Hospital 2VET is using Seamaty 120VP

According to Thanh, before introducing the SMT-120VP, they used a semi-automatic detection instrument, which took a lot of time to detect samples. Additionally, due to differences in the professional level of each staff member, the test results would also vary. To verify the results, a lot of resources would often be wasted. High costs, low efficiency, and long processing times are the primary challenges faced by most animal hospitals.

Thanh mentioned to Seamaty's sales manager during their communication, "The Seamaty SMT-120VP is the biochemical analyzer on the market with the most complete testing menu. We use it every day for routine checks, periodic health checks, further examinations during treatment, and preoperative examinations. All tests are conducted on the Seamaty 120VP. The analyzer provides very fast test results, taking only about 12 minutes. In addition, it is very small and compact, does not take up space, and provides accurate and fast test results. Now our hospital's efficiency has improved significantly, and the patient volume of the past two weeks can be completed in just one day!"

Vietnam Animal Hospital 2VET is doing blood test for a cat

The Seamaty biochemical analyzer series products have intelligent design, user-friendly "one-stop" testing items, satisfying customers and reducing pets' suffering during diagnosis, thus effectively simplifying the diagnosis process and improving efficiency. While ensuring speed, the accurate data has also won widespread trust and recognition. In the future, Seamaty will continue to uphold the principle of providing innovative, practical, and cost-effective products, caring for life and health, benefiting the global public, and jointly guarding animal health!

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