How does SMT-120VP Vet Chemistry Analyzer help Greece's Health Sciences University?

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The Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is one of the leading educational institutions in the field of veterinary science. The school's department of Veterinary Science is located within the Sofia Clinical Hospital, where it operates an anesthesia and intensive care unit. The unit is a crucial aspect of the department's operations as it provides students with hands-on training in the management of anesthesia, analgesia, and intensive care. In addition, the unit is responsible for providing emergency services to patients, which makes the operation of the anesthesia and intensive care unit critical.

The Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

To ensure that the unit operates efficiently, the department requires the biochemical profile of patient animals to be available promptly. This information allows the staff to plan and program accordingly, and biochemists can assist in applying the appropriate therapeutic treatment. The Seamaty vet biochemical analyzer SMT-120VP has received positive feedback and is highly appreciated for its fast and safe results. This device plays a vital role in the overall framework of providing emergency services, and its ability to produce reliable results quickly and safely is crucial for an educational institution like theirs.

Veterinary School is using SMT-120VP

Moreover, Seamaty's biochemical analyzer covers all three factors that the department considers when selecting an analyzer, including reliability, technical support, and pricing. Therefore, it is a popular choice among professionals, and the department has a good cooperation with Seamaty because of the support they provide.

How does SMT-120VP Vet Chemistry Analyzer help Greece's Health Sciences University

Technical support, both in software and hardware, is an important consideration when choosing a collaboration. For the department, having reliable technical support from the company is essential for the proper operation of the analyzer. The Seamaty company has been instrumental in providing technical support to the department in both software and hardware matters. This support has been vital in ensuring that the department operates efficiently, and any issues that arise are resolved promptly.

Savvas Loannis, professor Veterinary Medicine said that:We appreciate the fact that Seamaty provides support for every software upgrade, which ensures that the analyzer is always up-to-date and working correctly. “ The unit's success is due in part to the reliable technical support provided by Seamaty, making it a valuable collaboration for the department.

Savvas Loannis professor Veterinary Medicine

Advantages of SMT-120VP Vet Chemistry Analyzer

Small and Portable:

SMT-120VP is a completely new chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and coagulation analyzer for animal health diagnosis producing accurate reference laboratory quality results. The Seamaty SMT-120VP chemistry analyzer is very easy to operate and can be operated by non-specialists, saving clinics a lot of labor costs. The SMT-120VP weighs only 4.2kg and takes up very little space, making it very compact and portable. Therefore, SMT-120VP chemistry analyzer is very suitable for bedside testing, emergency medical care, community clinic, field rescue, etc.

Accurate Results:

The SMT-120VP analyzer uses the photometric colorimetric principle, which is superior to the principle of light reflection used by dry chemistry analyzers. Additionally, the accurate rotor mould ensures consistent test sample and dilution volumes, eliminating any potential random errors or cross-contamination.

Easy 3-steps Operation:

1. Insert sample(100ul): No sample pre-treatment needed. Only 100ul of whole blood/serum/plasma needed.

2. Insert reagent disc(12 min testing time): Maintenance free and easy to usein a field or mobile setting. Key parts imported from USA. Internal centrifugation of test sample. No internal liquids or pumps.

3. Interpret result(immediately): Reads results using the photoelectric colorimetric principle. No random error or cross infection possible. Automatically prints result.

Reagent Disc: Seamaty chemistry reagent discs have 33 parameters in total, providing 18 test profiles, allowing maximum 23 parameters in a single test.

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