Good News: Seamaty wholly-owned company successfully passed the high-tech Enterprise Recognition

release time:2021-04-09 09:35:18

Recently, the office of the National Leading Group for the recognition and management of high-tech Enterprises issued an article, announcing the list of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Sichuan Province in 2020. Chengdu Polytech Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.-our wholly-owned company, is on the list. congratulations!

Polytech certified
Government documents

High-tech Enterprises” refers to the continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the high and new technology fields supported by the nation, forming the core independent intellectual property rights, and developing business activities. It belongs to the leading domestic or advanced international enterprises to transform the major high-tech achievements into the technical level of productivity. This kind of enterprise is not only the important foundation of developing high-tech industry, but also the fresh force of adjusting industrial structure and improving national competitiveness. They have a very important strategic status in our country's economic development.

Enterprise certification conditions

The high-tech enterprises have strict cognizance standards and procedures, which is an important sign of the quality of the enterprises’ technical level and the technical content of the products. Therefore, the award of Polytech “High-tech Enterprises”, on behalf of the country and governments highly recognized at innovation and Technology R&D and the ability to transform the achievements.

Chengdu Polytech established on April 7, 2015. We are mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of POCT human medical and veterinary in vitro diagnostic reagents. Our products are mainly used to detect the liver function, kidney function, blood lipid, blood sugar and other biochemical indexes of human and vet. They are used together with the automatic biochemistry analyzer produced by Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co. , Ltd. to form a point-of-care-testing (POCT) system. And adapt with microfluidic technology to integrate quantitative sampling, whole blood centrifugation, automatic dilution and reagent reaction in a single-use reagent disc, which reduces the mechanical moving parts such as liquid pipeline and sample swing arm. It makes daily maintenance simple, and can simultaneously detect a number of biochemical indicators, complete the test results and automatic printing within 12 minutes. The target terminal markets are all levels of medical institutions and PET hospitals, clinics and so on.


Since its establishment, Polytech has adhered to the concept of “Technology creates the future”, has recruited talents and trained a professional, solid, aggressive and energetic technical research and development team. At the same time, Polytech has persisted in its own research and development and always pays attention to cutting-edge technologies, continuously forging the internal function in the core technical level, technical innovation, product research and development management and so on. So far, 16 patents of invention, utility model and software copyright have been obtained. In addition, Polytech has won the honorary title of “Gazelle Enterprise” in Chengdu high-tech district.

seamaty certificate

Honor is the starting point, success is the other side. Polytech will make full use of the “High dividend”, increase innovation R&D efforts, promote the in-depth development of China’s medical device innovation, and promote the upgrading and transformation of the biomedical industry, to improve the strategic layout of the country’s high-tech industry and make a contribution to improving the people’s healthy living standards.

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