Seamaty helps Luqu to promote the medical development of Gannan Tibetan area

release time:2021-06-10 16:17:17

On the morning of November 12, 2020, the Luqu County Medical Insurance Bureau's "one-stop" promotion project biochemical instrument issuance ceremony was held in the meeting room of the Luqu County Government Office Building.

Seamaty General Manager Ran Peng, Luqu County Deputy County Mayor Li Yinghuan, Medical Insurance Bureau Director Ma Liping, Luqu County Health and Family Planning Commission and other leaders, as well as the directors of various health centers attended the distribution ceremony.

The ceremony was presided over by Ma Liping, Director of the Luqu County Medical Insurance Bureau. At the beginning of the meeting, Director Ma extended a warm welcome to Seamaty's visit.

After that, Mr Ran gave a brief introduction on the company’s situation and product features. In his speech, Mr. Ran emphasized that “Seamaty is paying attention to economic benefits while paying particular attention to social benefits: by actively assuming social responsibility and proactively Participate in social welfare undertakings to practice the corporate mission and core values".

When coming to Luqu this time, Seamaty brought 8 biochemical analyzers and presented 100 comprehensive 14-item reagent plates, hoping to do his best to help Luqu County build a "one-stop" for primary medical care. Services, and jointly promote the medical development of Gannan Tibetan area.

The SD1 automatic dry biochemical analyzer is independently developed and produced by the company. The sample does not need to be centrifuged or equipped with water treatment equipment. It is simple to operate, compact and portable, and is especially suitable for use in primary hospitals.

Finally, Deputy County Magistrate Li Yinghuan analyzed and summarized the primary medical care situation in Luqu County, and urged all health centers to make full use of the product advantages of SD1 biochemical analyzer, optimize medical procedures, improve service quality, promote the construction of standardized township hospitals, and build " One-stop" convenient medical services.

After the meeting, Seamaty staff gave an on-site explanation and operation demonstration of the instrument to the leaders and deans of the hospitals. Everyone said that the SD1 is small and portable, easy to operate, and is a good assistant in primary care.

"Service is no trivial matter, users are the first", Seamaty solemnly promises: We will always keep in touch with all users and send people to visit regularly for maintenance.

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