Seamaty National Elite Agent Training Conference was successfully held

release time:2021-08-08 10:59:39

In order to further improve Seamaty agents' product service capability, cultivate team spirit and enhance end-user satisfaction, Seamaty Domestic Animal Medical Device Agents Training Conference was launched at the headquarters of Seamaty Technology Co. The training course was held in the headquarters of Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co., Ltd.    

1、Visit Seamaty Industrial Park to strengthen brand awareness 

At 9:00 a.m., the business managers arrived one after another and signed in. During the visit, Mr. Wang gave a detailed explanation on the workshop environment, production process and instrument testing, etc. The comprehensive and systematic explanation gave the business managers confidence and expectation for the future development of Seamaty!  

Agents visit Seamaty company


2、All-round training to enhance service capability  

After the visit, in the training room on the third floor, several lecturers from the sales support department, marketing department, domestic dynamic medical division and R&D center of Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co. They introduced from the principle, function and operation of the product, to the installation and commissioning of hardware and software, to the handling of common after-sales problems, and the interpretation of the clinical significance of the project.

Seamaty Lecturer speech

Several training instructors quoted a lot of data, combined with typical cases, in-depth and simple, for those who came to learn one by one to demonstrate and explain, so that participants have a thorough understanding of the performance of Smarter products, product advantages and applications.   

In addition, during the training process, the instructors also set up on-site interaction and Q&A sessions, focusing on the discussion and exchange with the participants to stimulate the spark of the collision of ideas. The atmosphere at the training site was pleasant and relaxed, and all the participants listened with great interest, taking notes carefully while listening to the lecture.  

3、The use of Seamaty biochemical analyzer experience sharing

It is worth mentioning that during the training, the company also invited Zhang Jiaquan, the president of Chengdu Xin'ai Pet Hospital, to share the theme of "Seamaty reagent disc use experience".  

"What is the basis for doctors to choose biochemical machines? " 

"Why choose Seamaty?"

"What discs are used for each clinical condition?"
"When to check biochemistry?"
President Zhang threw out questions that hit the pain points of customers, which instantly raised the interest of business managers. In the subsequent sharing, President Zhang combined his 19 years of clinical experience and gave flexible examples to answer the above questions one by one. President Zhang guided the business managers to experience and think about how to do the market, what are the needs of customers, how to communicate, and so on.  

During the period, President Zhang won the unanimous praise from the participants with his witty language, vivid and interesting cases and rich and practical contents.
After the sharing session, President Zhang also conducted common clinical questions and answers for everyone, and every participant was full of enthusiasm, actively learning and enthusiastically speaking, and the atmosphere was very strong.   

4、Learn to apply  

As the saying goes, "Strike while the iron is hot and apply what you learn", this training adopts the mode of "lecture + assessment + evaluation" for some courses. This kind of instant assessment can help the participants deepen their impression, memorize and digest the knowledge quickly, thus speeding up the growth of the trainees.  

Participants in training

At the end of the training, Seamaty made a comprehensive assessment of the evaluation results of the participants. 21 agent business managers all achieved excellent results and successfully completed the training, mastering professional technical knowledge and practical experience in just two days, fully demonstrating the good effect of the training.   

5、Seamaty does not forget the original intention, and forge ahead  

The process of learning is actually the process of constantly inputting and receiving concepts, then thinking and regurgitating them, forming self-cognition and applying them to practice. A certificate of completion is the most satisfactory answer sheet given by the business managers to themselves.  
Group photo of some seamaty agents
We believe that the success of the Seamaty National Elite Agents Training Conference will lay a solid foundation for the operation and management of the national agents of Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co.

This is a new starting point for a long way to go. Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co will provide more and better training platforms for all of you in conjunction with industry experts later, so that we can grow together, win together and create a future together. 

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