2021 mid-year work meeting- Seamaty

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In order to comprehensively promote the work in the second half of 2021, seriously summarize the experience and analyze the problems, Chengdu Seamaty Technology Co., Ltd. held the "2021 | Seamaty Mid-Year Working Meeting" in Mengtongquan Eco-Cultural Resort on July 10, 2021.

seamaty mid-year work meeting

Seamaty Chairman and General Manager Ran Peng, Vice General Manager Wang Bin, Polytech General Manager Zou Liang Hong and staffs above the head of each department attended the meeting. The total number of participants was more than 50.

No.1 First half year work overview

At the meeting, the heads of each department of the company came to the stage in turn to give a presentation, summarizing the work of their respective business in charge in the first half of the year, self-reflecting on the problems, analyzing the causes, coming up with reasonable solutions, and making detailed plans for the work in the second half of the year.

In self-reflection and self-criticism, they continuously improve internal management and achieve the purpose of effectively supporting the development of the company.

Seamaty Staff Debriefing

After listening carefully to the reports from the business leaders and the heads of subsidiaries, Seamaty Chairman Ran Peng made comments on everyone's performance respectively, both encouraging and affirming, and criticizing and guiding.

Then Ran Peng proposed solutions and improvement measures for everyone's key and difficult problems in the work.

President Ran Peng said: In the first half of 2021, in the face of the increasingly competitive market environment in the post-epidemic era, Seamaty maintained a good momentum of development in the first half of the year with the joint efforts of everyone.

Not only the production capacity was significantly increased, with biochemical instruments >1000 units/month and reagents 400,000 tablets/month, but also the product performance was steadily increasing.

Seamaty's new product development was speeded up, and the preparation and registration of German and Shenzhen companies were completed as planned. At the same time, Seamaty rebuilt its international and domestic sales and marketing teams, and achieved its annual sales target ahead of schedule, which is an outstanding achievement and a promising situation.

Of course, while fully affirming the achievements, Mr. Ran also pointed out the current problems and risks of the company.

Seamaty is facing internal problems

  1. 1: Bloated organization.
  2. 2: slow decision-making.
  3. 3: multiple leaderships.
  4. 4: over-management.
  5. 5: Dictatorship.
  6. 6: Rigidity of thought.
  7. 7: Inefficiency.
  8. 8: Coordination difficulties.
  9. 9: Talent loss.

1. Entrepreneurial spirit is waning: twist a rope, fight to do one's best, ruthless a heart, a dream together.
2. staff capacity can not keep up with the company's development: increase training efforts, the company's institutional process.
3. thinking for breakthrough, innovation for development: deep plowing innovation, continuous breakthrough, beyond the expectations of customers.

Seamaty faces external threats
1、International epidemics are rising and falling: affecting international market development and importing raw materials out of stock.
2、Intensified competition in the market: strong rivals are vaguely visible and competitors are approaching home.

No.2 Second half year work focus

After that, Mr. Ran made arrangements for the key work in the second half of the year and put forward new goals and requirements for the development of the company.

meeting venue

  1. 1,、do not forget the original intention, firm responsibility firm confidence to face up to the current situation, to clarify the practical work ideas.
  2. 2、Excluding all difficulties, go all out to accurately understand the market, actively expand at the same time, to steadily grasp the work indicators, and focus on the development of the company's key projects.
  3. 03、Strengthen internal strength and innovative development to strengthen internal strength and break the original inertia thinking. seamaty should use innovative development to effectively hedge against the uncertainty of the market under the epidemic, form a complete system system and bring into play the effectiveness to maximize the benefits and truly achieve the mission.

It is believed that the victory of this meeting has pointed out the direction for the work in the second half of 2021, and all Seamaty people will keep high morale and work hard in the next work to ensure the successful completion of all indicators of the company and promote the company to a new level!

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